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Don Ryvcko: Mississippi Hip-hop Artist with Honduras Roots

Got the opportunity to talk with one of Starkville's own: Don Ryvcko. Don is an 18 year-old Christian rapper and producer from Honduras, who's been living here in Starkville, Mississippi for the last 8 years. Likely the only person with all of those descriptors to ever live.

Left to right: Rob Butler, Don Ryvcko, and me.

I first saw Don perform at an open mic. This was late last year. When I saw him step on stage, I was prepping to cringe. Hearing "our next act is a teenage, Christian rapper" has that effect. But then, he performed.

"Woah," I thought afterward, "that was a pleasant surprise."

What was an even more pleasant surprise was WMSV's Rob Butler bringing Don to the studio a couple of weeks ago. That was when I got in to Don's music. The talent that Don possesses, at only 18 years old, is shocking. I've listened to his song "El Coche" 5 times today. It even made it on to my coveted Spotify playlist "WOW, FANTASTIC SHIT."

He's got an incredibly interesting background, and an even more interesting sound. People like Don are a rare breed; give him a listen.

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