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My name is Brock St. Clair, I'm a content creator/videographer/voiceover guy/comedian/writer. I am also incredibly humble.


I'm passionate about working with passionate people; I love seeing a project go from concept to completion and helping it along in any and every way I can. I also love frozen pizzas. I have a lot of opinions about frozen pizza so do not bring this up unless you've got some time to spare. tl;dr: Screamin' Sicilian is the best.

I'm currently based in Los Angeles, originally from Memphis, TN. If you'd like to see some of what I do, check my resume for the boring stuff, and my projects for the exciting stuff.

I work in video (some of my favorite videos are on this page), voiceover  (you can listen to audio projects on this page), and a whole lot in between.


Let's make something together. Contact me.

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