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  • Entertainer and content producer with a successful track record over a wide range of        platforms.
  • Innovative, self-motivated, and technologically adept.
  • Passionate about co-operative work with likeminded creatives.
Founder & CEO at Mug Media

May 2020 - Present


  • I manage a team of passionate video editors and content creators.

  • edit YouTube video content on same-day turnaround that garners millions of views.

  • collaborate with professional content creators to learn their unique voice and style. 

Video Producer & Personality at Sunvalleytek

Sep 2019 - Present


  • I write, perform, film, and edit videos for Sunvalleytek's brands, including VAVA and Anjou.

  • I do end-to-end Amazon livestreams for their products as well.

  • Examples of both here.

Video Editor & Personality at Mr. Gibbs (see: Mug Media)

May 2016 - Present


  • I edit all of videos released on the Mr. Gibbs YouTube channel, and I perform in them, too! (Here are some examples)

  • I've been a major player in the channel gaining over 120 million video views, and 200,000 subscribers.

Video Editor at CommunicGaming (see: Mug Media)

Aug 2019 - Present


  • I edit all of videos released on the CommunicGaming YouTube channel.

  • Since I started editing with Max, the CommunicGaming channel has gained over 84,000 subscribers and 47.7 million views.

  • Examples of my edits here.

Video Editor & Personality at JustJoeKing (see: Mug Media)

Jan 2020 - Present


  • I edit all of videos released on the JustJoeKing YouTube channel, and I perform in them, too! (Here are some examples).

#FindYourFreedom Intern at Harley-Davidson

May, 2018 - September, 2018


  • One of eight chosen from over 7500 applicants for this unique opportunity.

  • Created content for a millennial demographic on Harley-Davidson’s social media channels.

  • Increased personal follower base >200%-- content I produced or appeared in on H-D channels did >1.4 million views, >120,000 likes, and >3,300 shares.

  • Here's the official Harley-Davidson announcement video, and here's one I made.

On-Air Personality at WMSV 91.1FM

January, 2016 - May, 2019


  • Built a consistent listenership with “Cooking with Brock,” my weekday-morning comedy college-radio show. Triple A Music format.

  • Created “Blues Break Stories” – a 3-4 minute comedic monologue about anything (often the news) written and performed each morning during “Cooking with Brock."


Improviser with Lab Rats Comedy

January, 2017 - May, 2019



Production at Mississippi State University Television Center

January, 2018 - January, 2019


  • Voiceover and video editing for internal & external clients at MSU.

  • Operated camera and floor managed in-studio.

Mississippi State University

​2015 - 2019 (GPA: 3.6/4.0)

Bachelor's degree, Broadcast Communication

for more info, please contact me

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