(May 2020 - current)

I founded Mug Media in May of 2020 to provide same-day video editing to content creators. My responsibilities include:
  • managing a team of passionate video editors/content creators
  • editing same-day YouTube content that garners millions of views
  • collaborating with professional content creators to learn their unique voice and style
  • looking good doin' it


(jun 2018 - sep 2018)

  • Wrote, filmed, edited, and published video content to both my and H-D's social channels as a #FindYourFreedom intern.
  • One of 8 chosen from thousands of applications.

youtube: mr. gibbs

(jun 2016 - current)

  • Video Editing - I edit all of the video content released on Ledger's channel. ~3 videos/week!
  • Performance - I appear in most of them, too! Here are a few of the videos I've appeared in & edited.
Since I started working with Ledger, the Mr. Gibbs channel has gained over 120,000 subscribers and 115 million views.


(sep 2019 - current)

  • Video Editing - I edit a few different types of videos for Sunvalleytek's brands, including ads for the VAVA 4K Projector and the Anjou Nail Printer, and videos for the VAVA and Evolving Tech YouTube channels.
  • Performance - I write, film, and appear in YouTube videos, digital ads, and Amazon livestreams for Sunvalleytek's brands. Here are a few examples.


(aug 2019 - current)

  • Video Editing - I edit all of the video content released on the CommunicGaming channel. Max and I work on a day-of turnaround.
Since I started editing with Max, the CommunicGaming channel has gained over 84,000 subscribers and 47.7 million views.

personal gaming videos

(jan 2010 - current)

     When I was 16, I started making gaming videos on YouTube. This was my first venture into broadcast media and also when I learned many of the skills that I still rely on heavily in my work. I've recently started creating on this channel again, in 2020. Here's one of my new videos.