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"bs!" The podcast

     This is a narrative-comedy podcast project written, recorded, and everything else'd by me. I always wanted to pursue an experimental project like this one. Here's a link to all three episodes:
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blues break stories

(dec 2016 - may 2019)

​​     This is a project I started in conjunction with my on-air position at WMSV 91.1fm. WMSV has a weekend specialty blues show called The Juke. To promote The Juke , I wrote small monologues every morning (2-3 minutes) and performed them live near the end of my show. I viewed each monologue as an impromptu stand-up routine. I did one of these monologues on-air every day for over three years. Here are a few of them.


Commercial DemoBrock St. Clair
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For over 3 years, I hosted a morning comedy-variety radio show called "Cooking with Brock." Below are some clips from my live broadcast.
AircheckBrock St. Clair
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